What is Honeymoon Photo?

The term includes a wide variety of photosets combined by one common theme – photos of a loving couple. Photos that capture their feelings towards each other, their passion and their mutual affinity. As it usually goes, the photos are very romantic and emotional, no matter if it’s pre-wedding, post-wedding or just a session for a couple on a vacation – they always are filled with love and care. 


Honeymoon photos hold an important place in family photo albums, because they capture the passionate love that united their parents, which is always a good model to follow for the children.

How often do we open our family albums to relive the sweet memories from our vacation and especially our honeymoon? To refresh these moments in your memory, to remind yourself what’s important in life, to enjoy colorful and emotional pictures of two people in love – all of that is surely to reignite the feelings even after decades of marriage. Honeymoon photos are a special gift that can pass through generations and teach your children and their children the wonders of your youth.