Let’s assume that you really want something and you know how to do it. Then, for instance, it is possible to create a good photo out of a random shot like this one. Below is a simple example.


A monk shooting the sea (before & after). The prehistory of this photo is very simple. Together with the newlyweds we were standing under a tent waiting for our early morning speedboat. Actually it’s a client’s portrait under the tent on the first photo (from the link below). Then there came a moment when I saw a monk making a shot of the rising sun and a few speedboats heading towards it. I threw up my camera and made a quick snapshot.


A man and a woman accompanying the monk were captured as well. After that they started looking at the monk’s photo smiling. They enjoyed it. I noticed that the monk had a “Casio” point and shoot by the way. Anyhow, I didn’t have an opportunity to build a composition of my snapshot. It had two unwanted characters and it lacked a necessary atmosphere.


So when I got home I spent a few hours and came up with this picture. I created the atmosphere of calmness, goodness and peacefulness which the snapshot lacked. I guess I succeeded.  Wish you all have great shots in all conditions.  

And here is that photo session of a romantic trip through the islands.


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With kind regards, Eduard Stelmakh