Alice in Wonderland.

The fourth photo from my master class in Turkey. This shot has also got into the “Wedding” section. You can see it in big size there. Just scroll to the middle of the page.


I made this photo together with Turkish photographers in a country club. And guess who is the owner of the club? A Moldavian who has lived in Turkey for many years of course. He has a beautiful Turkish wife, nice children and a successful business. It’s such a small world. I moved to live in Moldova and immediately got a flight to Turkey to do a master class.


Accidentally my translator in Turkey turned out to be Moldavian and the location’s owner was a Moldavian too. And both men hadn’t met each other before. I notice this kind of patterns throughout my life all the time. It’s all very curious.

This is how it looked like. First I explained the couple how, why and what to do. Then I made my shot for further editing and left the models to other photographers. Later on the third day of the master class we edited this photo in Photoshop altogether. 

And that’s the final picture:

RAW file of the shot I made.


We were having two lighting sources there.

I closed the diaphragm quite a lot on this one. The exposure is adjusted from the brightest spot, all other areas are faded into darkness. It is assumed that the shot is not final but is a template for complex post production. 

All details are taken from the original image. In the end we’re having 32 layers and Photoshop going crazy saying that a 2 gigabytes image is too much for it to handle.

I also had this amusing experimental option but I decided not to follow this path. The variant was dismissed as too vanilla and cheesy. But I still think girls would love it.)


We also considered making bunny ears for the guy and had lots of fun. We tried both realistic rabbit ears and detachable party ears but the best fun was stretching and deforming his own ones. Lucky guy those layers were deleted permanently. Anyhow, I decided to avoid hardcore kitsch and decided on an intelligent and beautiful image. But those ears were lots of fun! :)

That’s all for now.

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