Aurora (backstage & manipulation in Photoshop)

This lesson is about changing geometry of the photography and the objects in the photography using Photoshop. I added some delicacy and a little bit of monumentality to this image.

I shot this photo long time ago with a brand new Canon 5D, which was a novelty on the digital cameras’ market. I shot this photo while working with another photographer. We had shot lots of beautiful locations and then we went to the newlyweds’ house to take a rest and make a couple of shots there. At this point me and my mate photographer decided to swap our camera lenses. I gave him my telephoto zoom Canon 70-200 f/2.8, and took his cheap wide-angle zoom Canon 17-40 f/4. I’ve never shot with lens like that; it was interesting to make a couple of introductory shots, and then compare the results with the declared characteristics of that lens. So I asked the bride to stay next to the door, then I lied on the floor and made a few photos.

Шикарное свадебное платье на невесте

From all the photos I chose this one. The dress was gorgeous and it had a massive train. I just lay down on the floor to get a lower view and run the corner of the wedding dress’ train into the corner of the image using the wide-angle. And the wide-angle zoom had already done its work: it stretched the dress to a fantastic size. So I exaggerated the length of the bride’s wedding dress as much as possible.

Не смотря на то, что я сделал этим объективом одну из самых любимых моих фотографий скажу, что оъектив мне этот не понравился. Страшные хроматические аберрации, которые не оправдывались даже ярким контровым светом. Я потом доолго сидел в Фотошопе и ручками удалял с фотографии все хроматические аберрации, полосочку за полосочкой. А кое-где пришлось дорисовывать недостающие "выбитые" части лица.

Chromatic aberrations. 100% crop.

Chromatic aberrations

Despite the fact that I made one of my favorite photos with this lens, I’d like to notice that I don’t like the lens itself. These scary chromatic aberrations on the image are not justified even by the strong backlighting. Because of chromatic aberrations I had to edit this image in Photoshop for a long-long time. I had to delete each line manually, one by one. Besides, the photo had some “knocked out” parts, especially on the bride’s face, so I drew the missing parts by myself. The fact that this lens belongs to the Professional Canon L-Class is really surprising.

На фотографии невеста в нежно розовом платье стоит у окна и держиться за дверь. Свадебное платье шикарное, самое красивое и самое дорогое.

Before and After

Before and after. For easier comparison of changes between the photos.

This video is a screen recording of my work in Photoshop. There are no comments, only the video. I made this recording long time ago, and my old computer wasn’t good enough for screen recordings. So when I had finished the editing of the image, I stopped the recording (because Photoshop was too slow and that made me nervous) and then I painted my photo. Here it is, without any paintings, only my manipulations with the image.

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