I will make you change your point of view. Literally.

I will make you change your point of view

It’s always fun to experiment with different angles, however strange and impractical they might seem. Actually, the more impractical – the more fun! So if you’re looking for an inspiration for your next photos, just flip your camera and find a spot where you’d never think you could have a “normal” photograph.

It’s a good way to keep your portfolio fresh, and – more importantly – keep your mind creative and full of ideas every time you pick up a camera.

Although it might be smart to not go too wild with a conservative clients.
You’re making memories for them after all ;)

Why I love shooting sunsets

Корейское свадебное агентство в Таиланде

Sunset photoshoots probably yield the most gorgeous, glamorous and romantic pictures of all. It’s this magical moment where the light from the sun travels the longest distance through the atmosphere and changes its color to the most beautiful shades of red and orange. Be it a light tint of pink, or bright raspberry red, or almost mystical purple, or a light orange turned into liquid gold when reflected off the waters.

Yes, physics can explain the phenomenon perfectly, but our emotional response to sunset, that feel of wonder and beauty – that’s what makes it so special and so.

Real estate photoshoot?

a great real estate photography

Tell me, would you like to wake up every morning to this? Snow-white walls breathing of freshness and clarity, private pool overlooking a lush tropical jungles under a sapphire blue skies. Isn’t this a fantastic way to start every day of your life? Let your imagination run wild, think about how would you set your daily routine there, how you would make it a home for you and your family.

It’s quite neat, isn’t it? The imagery is so vivid if you just allow it to flow.
And that’s not the villa commercial, but a testament to a great real estate photography :)

A secret to great retouching

You know what separates a good retouching work from a great one? It’s not the professional high-tech tools, not hours of work in post-production, not even the fancy camera. Of course, all of these things add up to a great work, but still it’s not enough.

A great photo retouching starts when you’re just going to take a shot. You must already know what will you do to the picture, you must already have a clear image in your head before you even take it. A photograph taken specially for one particular feel and a premeditated way of retouching will always be miles ahead of a random shot.

Life is a free fall, open to it!

photo-koh-samui. Life is a free fall, open to it!

Have faith and plunge right in! The excitement in life rarely does come to you on its own. You must seek it, you must open yourself to it, you must be brave and you will find that life is much more joyful than you thought!

Jump, dance, sing, laugh whenever you feel like it!

Tropical lifestyle. Samui island, Thailand.

Be it a fancy luxurious villa on a fabulous view point or a cozy little bungalow on a secluded shore, admit it – it’s much better to wake up on a tropical island rather than in a concrete box polluted with exhausts and smoke. And I understand how this sounds, but it’s simply the truth, however uncomfortable this may be to some of you.

So take it not as a boast, but as an encouragement. Find time, gather your family and come here to Koh Samui. I promise you, you will want more, no matter how many times you’ve already been here. ;)

Lovely weather

Lovely weather on Koh Samui

Such a fine weather for a jolly stroll by the beach today! Clear blue skies, gentle breeze from the sea – it would be criminal not to go out and have some fun in the water. Take your camera and save these finest moments for the days to come!

Or take a photographer and turn these moments into brilliant gems of your photo collection.

Romantic walk by the beach

Romantic walk by the beach on Samui, Thailand

There are few things that are as pleasant as walking by the beach with your beloved under the setting sun and salty breeze. Soft splashing of waves and distant sounds of life from the shore accompany the two of you and fill the air with something unique, something magical.

Onwards to the adventures! Samui island.

Onwards to the adventures! Koh Samui island

Are you adventurous, I wonder? How much of a thrill do you need in your life? Can you just drop everything right then and there and jump on a boat to sail into the vast blue of the unknown? Or maybe you do it on a regular and now the vast blue isn’t so unknown for you anymore? Or maybe you enjoy a short trip around the islands to cool down and replenish your energy from all of the work and stress?

Let me know if you’re salt-crusted sea wolf or a freshy landlubber! :)

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