Thailand Photosession on the beach

Thailand photosession on the beach

Thailand. Photosession on the beach.
Koh Samui is truly an amazing island that attracts people from all over the world. This time the ones attracted were Isis and Camilo – a beautiful and energetic couple from Brazil. This being their first ever trip to Koh Samui, they wished for something authentic, something really “Samuian”, so we picked the stranded beaches of Lipa Noi. Devoid of people, exotic and wild – just what we needed.

The story goes that shortly after this very photosession, our lovely pair went back to Brazil where they got married and lived happily ever after. We wish all the best to them, it was a real pleasure working with you!

Wedding on the Beach of Koh Samui

the best samui photographer
Welcome to Koh Samui!
If you’re looking for a place to celebrate your wedding ceremony or spend a honeymoon, and you can’t stop picturing yourselves on a sunny beach among the tropics in your dreams – trip to Thailand could very well be a memory to treasure for many years. On Koh Samui you can turn all your wildest wedding fantasies into reality: themed ceremonies on the beach, private events just for the two of you by the sea, wedding on a stranded island, aboard the ancient yacht under the sails of scarlet or high-end modern “Infinity” boat, ceremony high up in the mountains with breathtakingly beautiful views overlooking the jungles and the sea, or simply at a luxurious villa with giant swimming pool and staff crew. You can even wed in a mysterious Buddhist ritual of joining souls in an authentic Buddhist temple.
This time I’m going to show you the wedding of Sergei and Yaroslava on one of the beautiful beaches of the island.

Phangan Photosession

Phangan Photosession
Phangan Photosession.
Have you ever been to Phangan? It is a wonder island covering the horizon to the Northern beaches of Koh Samui. And it is only 40 minutes away from those beaches.
Koh Phangan strikes me as the island of paradoxes. A tranquil village, slowly roasting in the sun during the day, with tourists lazily shuffling between shades of the palm trees and bars. And absolutely insane carnival of flourescent colors and lights in the night. Full moon phase turns the island into an actual pilgrimage destination, for those worshipping the gods of blasting music and fun. Yes, it’s called exactly that – Full Moon Party.
We’ve visited Phangan while the sun was still shining, our goal there was to make a beautiful photoset for a beautiful lady Alena. Some of the pictures from this set I’m going to share with you, please enjoy!
And may the gods be with you… whichever ones you believe in!

Samui Wedding. Arkady + Catherine

samui wedding photosession
Beautiful Samui wedding. Arkady + Catherine.
From the place of ceremony opens a marvelous view overlooking the sea and nearby islands. “Ridgeway” villa is an excellent place for wedding!

Darya and Sergei Wedding

Showering the newlyweds with rose petals

A pleiades of rose petals rain on the newlyweds from above with the setting sun shining on their backs in its last moments of the day. Brought to your attention is a set of 70 pictures from Sergei and Darya’s wedding photoset. The rest 30 are private photos, that are to remain private.
A small explanation to the first few photos is in order, a small yet very crucial detail that might evade the understanding of the uninvolved party. You see, before the ceremony, Darya and Sergei wrote each other letters and opened them in the morning of their wedding day. Tears of joy were deliberately left outside of my watchful camera lenses, as a gesture of courtesy. All I can say – it was very, very touching.

Maldives Wedding

Bride and groom on a yacht
Maldives wedding. Keep the inner romanticist in the days of rush-hours, glass-concrete jungles and ever busy businesses, and let your life play in full colors. You just can’t keep the strict office image looking at these marvelous white beaches, incredible azure of the Indian Ocean and the clouds combining in such peculiar ornaments you won’t be able to avert your eyes. If you plan to gift your dearly beloved with the most fabulous moments of your lives – a wedding on a stranded island in Maldives should be your very first thing to consider.
And oh, such a joy it is to picture these lovely and loved romanticists! A great thank you to you guys for friendly atmosphere and just being awesome all the way! We did a beautiful job here.

Alexander and Natalia Wedding photosession

cannes wedding

Alexander and Natalia wedding photosession – a beautiful young couple on a beautiful island of love.
Small photo report from an incredible day I spent in the company of lovely Natalia and Alexander and their noisy and cheerful friends, who however didn’t get much camera time, because this day was just for two people. To them I dedicate this entry

Wedding ceremony on the beach. Constantin+Ulyana

photographer samui

I just can’t stop falling in love with this fantastic island, with its breathtaking beaches and truly infinite possibilities to arrange a small wonderland for your chosen one, that they will surely never forget.
Ulyana and Constantin decided to take a deep plunge into the primal atmosphere of exotic Koh Samui, playing their wedding on one of the wild beaches, away from the prying eyes and civilization. Let this photoset inspire you and love give you wings to reach this biggest little island in Thailand.

InterContinental wedding. Russel + Helen

samui photographer

The only more symbolic wedding than the one on the island of Love is the wedding on the wild private beach! Couples from all over the world come here to announce the eternal holy unity of their hearts. Should you find that special person, that your other half, let the island of Koh Samui hold witness to your glorious celebration. The magic of the tropics, white beaches and azure sea will forever take a special place in your soul.
That’s exactly what Russel and Helen, a newlywed couple from the UK, did. The wedding archway was waiting for them on the secluded wild beach of the small island near Koh Samui. The couple traveled there by a speedboat, courtesy of InterContinental hotel, where they had their romantic dinner.
We wish you a long and happy married life, forever filled with the joy of love! And let the sun of Koh Samui warm your hearts in the years to come!

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