Centaur Wedding Photosession

Centaur Wedding

creative centaur wedding on koh samui

Centaur Wedding

Centaur Wedding.
Regardless of the fact that I’m currently in Thailand, have a look at the third and the last Centaur Wedding photograhp. A picture from unique wedding love story of Andrei and Anna, that was played this summer in Ukraine. As were the two sessions before this one, everything was prepared with a proper brainstorm beforehand. )
The photosession was held in “Magnat” horse riding club. It was the second club we visited, searching for the perfect location. Beauriful, stylish, noble – exactly what we had in mind. At the shooting day I went by the stables and chose two magnificent models with Hollywood smiles. Smiles were left outside the frame, but the rest was actually very important. I needed dark, elegant and muscular steed (groom) and light, delicate horse (bride), and they had to co-exist in peace for quite some time during the shooting. Details on the session, including the shooting itself and post-editing you can see for yourselves in the video below.

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