The third and final shot from a series of advertising photo sessions for Kinopark at Almaty city, Kazakhstan. “Charlie’s Angels” theme.

Three girls from a Kazakh band “Amouage”. Charlie’s Angels (backstage and photoshop).

Kazakh TV reporting on my photo session. And the quality is in the best television traditions as usual. When will they have at least basic HDTV, not to mention FULL HD or 4K? It would be good to post it on my website then. :)

Slideshow on how I put this photo together. Set quality to 1080p HD for best viewing experience. Charlie’s Angels (backstage and photoshop).


ATTENTION! Photographers. This time I won’t post a video of my Photoshop editing process. Instead I will personally send a decent tutorial to everyone who leaves a request at


Tutorial includes:

1. Video lesson on putting the photo together, editing and painting it in Photoshop. It covers the whole process “from scratch to finish”.

2. All primary RAW-files which you can edit in Photoshop.


Thanks to all the effort I’ve put into this tutorial you’ll be able to repeat the editing process step by step and realize how I achieved the result. After understanding the principles you can use them while working on your own photo sessions. Everything is free of charge. Enjoy your self-development.

That’s all for now.



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