Unbelievably heartwarming and lovely photoset for a beautiful family from Germany. 


For the location of the shoot we've chosen the premises and the beach of hotel Beach Boutique Resort, in which they were staying. 


Picking the right location is a huge part of the end product in photography. Luckily for us, most of beach resorts and hotels in Thailand are incredibly beautiful and you can get absolutely amazing shots just outside of your room in most cases, especially when it comes to family photos. 


You have plenty of exotic tropical greens, well tended gardens and interiors, large boulders that can spark your creativity and add a twist into the composition, and of course wonderful beach. 


Diverse backgrounds, class and elegance, professional photographer... the only thing left is bring a good mood to the shoot and enjoy the ride! 


That's my formula of amazing pictures ) 



My customers' reviews. Sandra and Kolja.


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