Individual portrait photos on Samui

Every professional photographer must master individual portraits!

This type of photography is like a concentrated essence of a person, it captures the very individuality of the model, it’s heart and it’s soul.

Portrait reveals and captures a person’s nature within the frame, with the background complimenting the model, but never distracting from them. That’s why it’s not so easy to make a perfect individual portrait photo. You have to be a psychologist of a sort: be able to read your model, to understand what they want and then communicate it back to them. With that as a starting point, add a little bit of artistic vision, a little bit of magic to reveal the true inner beauty of an individual and capture it at the precise moment into a photograph.


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Индивидуальная фотография на пляже Самуи

Здесь так же все родное. Стог сена, внутри стремянка, в качестве нимба выступило солнце. Смотрите как это было.

Девушка на крыше отеля "4 Сезона" на Самуи

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Мужской портрет на фоне Пангана

ресторан для семейного ужина на Кох Самуи

Фото пляжа Майнам

Места на Самуи для фотосъемок

Individual private photo set is an important milestone.
It will let you look at yourself from a slightly different perspective, to understand yourself better and – more importantly – to feel beautiful and special. It’s a key to love yourself. Get your individual portrait session and enjoy the beauty that you’ve always had in you!


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Individual portrait photos on Koh Samui.



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