I’ve got an idea of this photoshoot long time ago.

But before bringing it to life we had to make some preparations first. We needed to find guns, equipment, motorcycles and etc. And to be honest we solved all these issues just before the session :)


The idea was quite nice: two stunning models and an elegant guy, airplanes and guns. This was our story about unpredictable love…


In reality this love story was full of amusing and informative moments. The weapons were real. The machine gun was very heavy and it left oil stains everywhere (I hope the dress washed well;). This machine gun didn’t have a strap to hang it on the shoulder, so we took the strap from the camera and covered the «Canon»’s inscription.


The guns were disassembled, assembled and then disassembled again each time… There were motorcycles, the 1970’s Chrysler and 6 sources of light together with airplanes taking off at Zhuliany Airport.


All this created the atmosphere of this photoshoot. And there was a heavy rain in the end. :)

Photographer: Eduard Stelmakh


Organized by: Dmitry Levichev, Irina Levicheva

Models: Kryzhanovskaya Christina, Kolchak Juliana, Ivanov Alexander

Makeup artist: Olga Maksyuk

Assistants: Denis Osintsev, Valery Maksyuk, Nikolai (lucky Chrysler owner :)

Bikers: Dimon aka «SCALDED», Alexander and Sergey aka «WHITE DOG»


Photoshoot location: The State Aviation Museum (This museum is located next to Zhulyany Airport in Kiev, Ukraine. I highly recommend visiting it. There’s a great collection of vehicles there).


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Sincerely, Eduard Stelmakh.