Magical garden photoshoot.

Magical garden photoshoot.

magical garden photoshoot

Magical garden photoshoot.

Every next photosession I do here makes me realize even more, that Samui – is truly wonderful and unique place, one of the very few. Every shooting is unlike anything I’ve done before, every place has its own magic, every sunset stunns me like the first, every step into the jungles of the island is like journey into another world. Every single photosession here feels like its own discovery, it doesn’t feel like work at all, but rather an adventure, unique experience. It’s no wonder actually that people love this island so much and choose it as the place to play weddings or spend honeymoons. This Magical Garden photoshoot is no exception.

Come join Vyacheslav and Tatiana in their romantic journey through the magical gardens of Buddha!

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Photoshoot in magical garden, koh Samui, Thailand.
Romantic photosession of Vyacheslav and Tatiana.

That’ll be all for today.
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Eduard Stelmakh




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