One of the main things for which I strive when doing a real estate photoshoot – is to drive the viewer’s imagination. To show a picture so alluring that you just can’t help but imagine how would you live there. There are a lot of things to consider and master when it comes to shots like this: shot angle, lighting, foreground and background details, brightness and purity of colors etc.

It all come down to one thing that matters: you look at this picture and suddenly you feel the urge to walk barefoot on this soft lawn, sit down under a shade of a tree and have a lunch with your family under the blue sky.

A wonderful picnic in your backyard!




300$ — photoshoot of 1 object.

10$ — post-editing of one picture (10 photo minimum).


I can also provide pictures formated specifically for publishing on the Internet (free of charge)


In this section I’ve selected my favorite examples of my Real Estate Photos that I’ve shot in Thailand.


Real Estate photoshootings:




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