Phangan Photosession.

Have you ever been to Phangan? It is a wonder island covering the horizon to the Northern beaches of Koh Samui. And it is only 40 minutes away from those beaches.


Koh Phangan strikes me as the island of paradoxes. A tranquil village, slowly roasting in the sun during the day, with tourists lazily shuffling between shades of the palm trees and bars. And absolutely insane carnival of flourescent colors and lights in the night. Full moon phase turns the island into an actual pilgrimage destination, for those worshipping the gods of blasting music and fun. Yes, it’s called exactly that – Full Moon Party.


We’ve visited Phangan while the sun was still shining, our goal there was to make a beautiful photoset for a beautiful lady Alena. Some of the pictures from this set I’m going to share with you, please enjoy!

And may the gods be with you… whichever ones you believe in!

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Sincerely, Eduard Stelmakh.