Photo post processing services


As far as I’m editing photos for other photographers I decided to open this service to public.

Photo post processing services

Premium — $10 or $25 per photo
I’ll do it in my best way. Maximum results.

Big discounts for larger quantities. Example: 50% discount for ordering 100 photo
I provide PSD files with layers if necessary.

See the best examples of “BEFOR AND AFTER” (my photos).
There’s a lot of materials on how I’m editing photos in the TUTORIALS section (opens in a new window).

It started quite long time ago. Some photographers began to order post processing from me instead of learning to do it themselves. They needed to have “good examples” in their portfolios and their customers were asking for photos like mine. Of course my services were private. Sure thing.

When time passed I noticed that there’s more and more of this kind of photographers. They are making orders constantly, not only from time to time, and it all looks like a well-established business to me. I talked to some of them I found out that there’s a whole network of people who provide post processing services on the internet. Good or bad, cheap or expensive and mostly both bad and expensive. But the scheme is working. Photographers shoot photos and post processors edit them. It all seems reasonable. But why asking me then? It turned out that I’m not only good at post processing but I’m also a photographer who has high level clients and knows how to deal with each photo. I can make photos that will become top shots in one’s portfolio. I don’t ask questions and I just do it as it was my own creation. Processed photos get “my style” in the end which is the reason why people come to me in the first place. Turns out I’m a dream post-processor. )

When you bring your photo to a third-party post-editor you have to describe what and where you’d like to fix. Usual post-processor doesn’t make any decisions but asks you to make them. The image is edited according to the description and then sent to you for review. Then you highlight problem areas, explain what needs to be changed and then send the image back to the post-processor. After that he makes the corrections and sends the file back to you. Then the cycle repeats over and over again. Some photographers claim that they had to write up to 10 emails for each photo while working with a post-processor. Imagine it having 50 shots to edit. This way the division of labor doesn’t make any sense. Photographer wastes his time on useless writing. Eventually, all those photographers switched on working with me.
No problem I’ll handle it.
You won’t be terrorized by dozens of emails for each photo.
I’ll do everything myself. And you’re welcome to tell me what you need as well.
Confidentiality guaranteed.

Terms of upload and payment

It’s simple. You upload RAW-files and tell me when you need them ready. If the request is adequate, I accept it and the job will be done. If not, I’ll let you know when I’m able to do it.



Western Union
Eduard Stelmakh (it’s me)
Thailand (country)


To contact me and place an order:

📳 WhatsApp, Viber: +66 80 340 4547 (usually I reply quickly).

Or click here ORDER PACKAGE

Or message me in Facebook:



I’ll be glad to answer your questions and receive your comments as usual. 

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Sincerely, Eduard Stelmakh.




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