Photo retouching for a photographer.

Photo retouching for a photographer.

Another example of my Photo Retouching work that I do for other photographers.
Photo is displayed with author’s approval. Photographer Anton Borodavka.

The request was: bright, beautiful, on your imagination only.

So what was done here?
First off I removed empty glass. Added some sky and photoshopped-in the sun. Added some lights and flare on the girl (as a main object) and a log that she’s sitting on. Therefore I introduced the model into the picture’s story and tied together background with foreground. Accentuated sun flares on hair, toned down the church and “city” skyline in the back since the theme of the picture is completely different. Pulled the girl out of the shade, worked a bit on the hair and general color correction to fit the theme.

This kind of retouching costs 25$ per picture.
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Photo retouching for a photographer.


That’s all for now.
I’ll be glad to answer your questions and receive your comments as usual. 

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