love story photosession in thailand

Realy simple. First, choose the type of session you want:
Wedding Photography
Love Story
Romantic Dinner on the Beach
Photosession on a Yacht
Family Photosession
Baby Photosession

Then decide how much you’d like to spend on a session, and click ORDER

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The package includes:
– 2 hour of photoshooting
– 20 photos, edited and ready to print
– Creative artistic post-editing
– 20 Internet-format photos

Price – $ 200 (additional hour $ 100)




The package includes:
– A car with aircon
– 5 hours of photoshooting in different locations
– 50 selected photos
– High level post-editing with artistic professional retouching
– 50 Internet-format photos

Price – $ 500. From 14:00 to 19:00 (sunset)



The package includes:
– A car with aircon
– 9 hours of photoshooting in different locations
– Special creative photos
– 100 selected photos
– High level post-editing with artistic professional retouching
– 100 Internet-format photos
– Photoshooting takes 9 hours. From 10:00 to 19:00 (sunset), with a break for a meal.

Price – $ 900


All packages come with following features:
I provide all the photos for you on the CD or file hosting on the Internet within two weeks.
Check the “Photosessions” section for the overall presentation of what you will get.
I recommend the locations for photoshoots. I give recommendations on clothes and accessories and the make-up artist.
If you are too shy and “don’t know what to do” I’ll guide you for the most beautiful poses and I’ll make fabulous photographs, as I have plenty of experience and expertise.
Check the “Portfolio” section to take a look at my best images.
To contact me please go to Contacts.
Wedding packages are in a separate section (opens in a new window) for your convenience. There are the prices including a photographer as well. It is simple and clear.
You can always correct any package to fit your needs. Just write me to make it happen:
That’s it, you can stop reading now. )



real estate photoshooting koh samui

300 $ – one object photosession
$ 10 – a post-editing of one photo (a minimum order is 10 photos).
The customer selects all the photos.
I provide the photos prepared for publication on the Internet, if necessary (for free).
The example of Villa Shooting:
Villa Vista Del Mar (opens in a new window).
Ban Tai (opens in a new window).




creative photographer samui

Creative photosessions:

– Original and unique idea for shooting
– 1-3 assistants with additional lighting
– 1 post-edited & ready-to-print photography
– High level creative artistic photo-editing
– Backstage video
– Shooting takes 2 hours.

Creative ideas and their realization are discussed individually.
Accessories for shooting are paid by the customer.
Price – $ 200 per 1 creative photoshoot.

Here are some examples of creative productions:
1. Bonnie and Clyde in Pompeii.
2. Centaur Wedding.
3. Love.
4. Pillows Fight.
5. Walk on Water.
6. The Ring of Happiness.
7. Photosession on Water.
8. The Wedding Photoshoot of Karlsson-on-the-Roof
9. Fishing on Khreshchatyk.
More creative photos you can find in my Portfolio.
To find out the making process of those shootings check Tutorials.
To contact me and make an order please go to Contacts.
Also you can order:
A single high level post-editing – $ 25 per photo.
A high level creative artistic post-editing of all the photos from session (50 photos) – $ 500 (in the package Premium and Elite, that service is already included).
Photoshoot in Europe – $ 2000 + travel expenses.
Taking pictures in Maldives, Seychelles, Dominican Republic, etc. – $ 2000 + travel expenses.
I use Canon 1DX.
To contact me and make an order please go to Contacts.
Or write me on Facebook

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