Here’s the fourth photo from a series of creative wedding photos or simply a “wedding story”  with already well-known Evgeniy and Svetalana. This is the composition number four which is second to last. It’s all for real and not post-produced as you may witness from the video. I was almost going to melt all my family’s silver and put a monument to this heroic couple in their backyard.


The country must know its heroes! We brought two pillows from our homes and got them absolutely torn apart. Feathers were flying all over the room and guests spread them through the entire apartment. All attempts to shake the feathers off ourselves were vain and doomed to fail. There was also a lamp hanging quite low above the bed. It was an obvious obstacle in realizing the idea.


We had to tie some parts of the lamp together and accidentally made a few tight knots. I remember that in the end we couldn’t manage to tie those knots off. So if you’re still thinking your house is a mess — we’re coming to you! You’ll instantly realize that your living space was perfectly clean and tidy.)


Would you help me to come out with a title for this photo? The winning title will be held forever above this one-of-a-kind masterpiece of creative wedding photography. I guess nobody would like to go through above mentioned trashing experience, so it’s really “one-of-a-kind”.))))

Behind the Scenes

How we’ve shot it. 


Suggest a title for the photo.


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