A mould/reflexion

A mould/reflexion (backstage)

The concept of this photo was a woman creating a stature of her perfect man. Or an image of a perfect man. I mean the idea that people seek and create their ideal person. And when they find that person, they’re usually not grateful. Instead, they’re trying to fit that human into a lifestyle they created in their imagination long time ago.  I mean many years ago. On the other hand, there is a positive interpretation on this. If a woman has a certain picture of what she wants, what type of man she’s interested in and what attracts her in men, then she knows where to look. And that’s great. It gives her a clear view and helps to succeed in finding her betrothed. And when she finds the one, that idea will secure their happiness.  Especially if a man’s ideal is realized in her as well. Alive and one-of-a-kind.
Posting comments on what you’re seeing now is deeply appreciated. In my opinion it’s quite a large topic. See the backstage (how we made it) inside the article.

All angels are submissive to love

all angels are submissive to love

I already told you about things that angels are ready to do in order to bring two hearts together. And now here’s another story which I sneak peeked and managed to capture almost accidentally.
Groom Andrew was actually hung up with climbing equipment which was fastened to a cubic construction. The groomsman acted as a failed boyfriend as usual. We came to the photoshoot beforehand to choose the exact location, compose the shot, make test photos and pick up clothes & accessories.

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