best Photoshop tutorials

How to ruin 8 pictures.

How to spoil 8 pictures

How to ruin 8 pictures?

Combine them all together in Photoshop and get only one, but beautiful.

Of course, you have to plan in advance what exactly are you going to do with those photographs sitting in front of your computer later. You have to make those 8 shots with a clear picture of what they’ll become in your mind.

“Secrets of Photoshop” Video course

Secrets of Photoshop Video course

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33 selected video lessons of Photoshop, my personal collection.
Lessons are designed with a variety of proficiency levels in mind – from below average to professional.

What will you get?

I’ve collected the best techniques and methods of working with Photoshop, that I personally use every day in post-editing of my photos, and boxed them into 33 videos. These 33 original and unique videos contain information such as:

* Step-by-step guides on achieving a certain result in editing, with my photos as examples
* What effects to use and when, guides on colouring and lightning
* What tools to use, nuances and not-so-evident tricks to each respective tool
* Efficient explanations, step-by-step and very easy to understand even for beginners
* Methods of selecting the best photos from massive photoshoots
* Creating your own presets in Photoshop
* Bonuses
Only applied methods are being explained in the lessons, meaning that you’ll be able to repeat everything yourself right away.

What is the format of lessons?

Fairly simple.
I show everything step-by-step from the very beginning to the very end. Calmly, without rushing and skipping points, with explanation of each step. I show what buttons to push and what keys to press on your keyboard in every lesson.

Are there free lessons?

No and there will never be.  I do not show any of the techniques in free lessons, this course is my personal collection.

Who is this course designed for?

– Enthusiasts interested in exploring new ways of post-editing in Photoshop.
– Professionals looking to attract more clients with stunningly beautiful and eye-catchy Photoshop edits
– Professionals looking to increase their competitive value without lowering the price of their work
– Anyone looking to increase their knowledge and skill in Photoshop

This video course is designed for photographers by a photographer.



33 video lessons
Price – $ 100 (standard price $ 200)



WhatsApp, Viber: +66910436610

Available payment options:

1. PayPal

2. Bitcoin

3. Western Union
Eduard Stelmakh (receiver)
Thailand (my current stay)

Or message me in Facebook. Usually I reply quite fast:


Turkish Tales

Turkish Tales
Turkish tales. This is the second photo from my latest master class in Turkey.

Black skin

Black skin (befor and after)

Black skin (befor and after). Got time – got fun. Seems like a “low season” has started here in Thailand. And I’ve got a few spare days between the photo shoots. So I sat dawn in front of the screen to have some fun with Photoshop. Some black skin for Irina Olyshyuk has been created for instance. Please make no comparison to African Americans – I’ve got “creative” black skin with artistic bluishness and a European type face here. )))
See “before and after” in the middle of the article.

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