Lesbian love story

Darya and Sergei Wedding

Showering the newlyweds with rose petals

A pleiades of rose petals rain on the newlyweds from above with the setting sun shining on their backs in its last moments of the day. Brought to your attention is a set of 70 pictures from Sergei and Darya’s wedding photoset. The rest 30 are private photos, that are to remain private.
A small explanation to the first few photos is in order, a small yet very crucial detail that might evade the understanding of the uninvolved party. You see, before the ceremony, Darya and Sergei wrote each other letters and opened them in the morning of their wedding day. Tears of joy were deliberately left outside of my watchful camera lenses, as a gesture of courtesy. All I can say – it was very, very touching.

Magical garden photoshoot.

magical garden photoshoot

Magical garden photoshoot.

Every next photosession I do here makes me realize even more, that Samui – is truly wonderful and unique place, one of the very few. Every shooting is unlike anything I’ve done before, every place has its own magic, every sunset stunns me like the first, every step into the jungles of the island is like journey into another world. Every single photosession here feels like its own discovery, it doesn’t feel like work at all, but rather an adventure, unique experience. It’s no wonder actually that people love this island so much and choose it as the place to play weddings or spend honeymoons. This Magical Garden photoshoot is no exception.

Come join Vyacheslav and Tatiana in their romantic journey through the magical gardens of Buddha!

Lesbian love story of two sensuous innocent girls

Lesbian love story

I’ve got an idea of this photoshoot long time ago. But before bringing it to life we had to make some preparations first. We needed to find guns, equipment, motorcycles and etc. And to be honest we solved all these issues just before the session :)

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