photoshop manipulation

How to ruin 8 pictures.

How to spoil 8 pictures

How to ruin 8 pictures?

Combine them all together in Photoshop and get only one, but beautiful.

Of course, you have to plan in advance what exactly are you going to do with those photographs sitting in front of your computer later. You have to make those 8 shots with a clear picture of what they’ll become in your mind.



Love on Koh Samui

Love (manipulation tutorial). The idea of this shot was as follows. The newlyweds are kissing/hugging/enjoying their happiness while their friends are making the symbolic word LOVE with water splashes. And the guests are showing so much joy, which could be compared only with the happiness on the couple’s faces. See inside the post how this photo was made: 

Photosession on the water

Photosession on the water

After conquering skies and Kiev rooftops I decided to make a model walk on the water. :) 
Flight of imagination is hard to cope with. But with creative solutions and positive attitude we proved that everything’s possible!

Still deciding on the title

still deciding on the title (backstage & photoshop) by Eduard Stelmakh

Here’s the fourth photo from a series of creative wedding photos or simply a “wedding story”  with already well-known Evgeniy and Svetalana. This is the composition number four which is second to last. It’s all for real and not post-produced as you may witness from the video. I was almost going to melt all my family’s silver and put a monument to this heroic couple in their backyard. The country must know its heroes! We brought two pillows from our homes and got them absolutely torn apart. Feathers were flying all over the room and guests spread them through the entire apartment.

The title poster

The title poster of Daria and Sergey’s wedding

The title poster of Daria and Sergey’s wedding on Samui island, Thailand. 
Watch the slideshow on how I composed this poster here:

The ring of happiness

The ring of happiness.

The sacred ring of happiness

This is a photo from “trash the dress” workshop held in the Interpipe factory premises.

Wedding story

wedding story
I continue the WEDDING STORY theme using a table. This is a creative wedding photo session with really brave newlyweds. The guests were very enthusiastic. Everybody was in great mood. Not to mention the photographer.)
We’re having this wonderful shot as a result.
See backstage video inside the article.

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