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Retouching services

Since I’m editing photos for other photographers might as well open this service to the public!

Retouching services

Retouching options:

Advanced — 10$ per photo
Premium — 25$ per photo

I approach my work with dedication and professionalism I acquired through more than 20 years of experience. All retouching is done with the highest level of quality regardless of price segment.

Discounts apply for large orders as well as for long-lasting partnerships.

See some of the examples in the format of BEFORE AND AFTER (my photos).
Also you can check out my free TUTORIALS section.
And here you can find some insight on my method of retouching and post-processing on a photo session example.

My story began quite some time ago.
I have educational projects of my own, yet some photographers would rather ask me to retouch their photos “the way you do yours” than learn how to do it themselves. Sometimes it’s their clients who specifically ask for my editing, sometimes the photographer wants to enrich their portfolio with attractive “good works”. Of course, it was all in hush-hush way without being too vocal about it.
No problem – I’ll do that!

At first I haven’t exactly understand why do they come to me for retouching, especially when there are studios and companies who specialize only on post-editing but as it turned out my being a professional photographer has a lot to do with it. I know what needs to be done to the picture, because I shoot myself.

For example, you outsource your photographs to some Indian “Photoshop specialist” who probably never in his life’s held a camera in his hands. To get what you want from him you must explain him every detail of every picture and then again explain what he‘s done wrong and how to fix it. Now, imagine you have 100 pics photo session to edit! The whole point of division of labor is lost here, because you waste time on explanations anyway.

I, on the other hand, don’t ask questions. I just do everything the way I would’ve done it with my own photographs.
Everything’s strictly confidential, our collaboration stays only between us, naturally.

Uploading and payment

It’s simple. You upload RAW-files and tell me what kind of retouching do you want and when do you want it done. Then I calculate total price and if you agree to it – our collaboration begins! First-time clients can pay after they receive the final product, but aside from that I work only with 100% pre-payment.

Payment options:

1. PayPal

2. Bitcoin
Contact me for more details

3. Western Union
Eduard Stelmakh (it’s me)
Ukraine (country)

To contact me and place an order kindly check the Contacts section.

Or message me on Facebook:





Magic Garden

Magic Garden (photoshop lesson)

Magic Garden

Twelve years. In Asia, it is a full zodiac cycle. That’s why Anna and Alexey chose their favorite, mysterious and beautiful Thailand to celebrate the twelfth anniversary of their romantic union. Velvety tenderness and volcanic passion, unbelievable mysticism and unique simplicity, disarming honesty and natural mysteriousness – the couple managed to keep those almost controversial values throughout the years. Authentic atmosphere of Magic Garden creates a picturesque canvas itself and brightly expresses the dance of their love.

Wonderful Napasai

wonderful napasai (manipulation tutorial)

The newlyweds lying in hammock in the Napasai hotel area

Wonderful Napasai (manipulation tutorial). Just painted a photo from the session in Napasai hotel. See the “before and after” GIF and a small tutorial on moving palm trees inside:

The title poster

The title poster of Daria and Sergey’s wedding

The title poster of Daria and Sergey’s wedding on Samui island, Thailand. 
Watch the slideshow on how I composed this poster here:

The great matrimony in siamese waters

The eighteen faced picture. Actually, Samsung owes me now…

See “before and after” with a little story inside the post: 

Riding the winner to the fields

Riding the winner to the fields

We’ve made a first photo contest from STELMAKH STUDIO not long time ago. The winners came from Archangelsk (Russia) to Kiev in order to participate in prize photoshoot. We went ahead with an interesting idea as usual. This time we decided to give wings and a sense of flight to our model, whose name was Veronica.  In our turn we became country style fashion designers. The photo was made in a single shot. The nimbus you’re seeing on top of the head is simply the sun. The cloth was “launched” by two assistants standing from both sides. Concerning additional lighting we used 500 Joule monoblock with a beauty dish.

The ring of happiness

The ring of happiness.

The sacred ring of happiness

This is a photo from “trash the dress” workshop held in the Interpipe factory premises.

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