I left a special “mark” on the photo as usual. Naive ones will say that I forgot to remove the assistant’s face, but those who “get it” will enjoy. Try to find the 18th person in this photo, it’s quite easy. :)


I enjoyed one of the Facebook comments: “They should’ve been in the water, not above it. Confusie)”.


That theme got me interested. I’ll try to dig a bit deeper.
If you create unusual stuff, something that is out of typical consumer standards, be sure that there will be somebody “not getting the thing” of what you do at all. I understand this kind of people and I accept their point of view. It’s their right not to understand something or be against something. It’s their normal state of mind.

I’ve been making quite unusual photos for several years now. I always take physics into account while creating my works. I always make calculations to get the picture of how it might look like in real life if it was possible. I make impossible or almost unmanageable things possible in my photography. And that just does some people’s head in. :)

This breaks their pattern of thinking. They protest and rebel. For instance, it’s that simple theme developed in the photo. Two lovers. Their intentions and wishes are crystal clear and they are ready to complete their union in heaven. Along with this, we are located in the East. That’s why in this photo I have a matrimonial yogi floating above the water surface and emanating light.


Guests are knee-deep in water. The newlyweds are in water as well. Their love gives them so bright features, which others around lack. It’s as simple as two plus two. And there’s this person saying: “They should’ve been in the water, not above it. Confusie)”.
Hmm, is it really that hard to understand what this photo is about? Love gives wings. It’s that simple. :)


That’s all for now.

I’ll be glad to answer your questions and receive your comments as usual. 


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