Villa marketing photoshoot. Villa Ban Tai, located on Ko Samui, Thailand.


This villa had just been finished and signed for sale. It’s very bright and it smells of novelty and freshness. I’ve never got to smell a freshly built villa before. I’d guess that not many people have. It’s unusual. Kind of like the smell of a new car that’d just left the shop. And you know it’s a very pleasant sensation, especially if it has leather seats. That was the goal of my shooting – capture this scent and illustrate the beauty of it in an image. I hope I managed to do just that.


To be honest I didn’t ask mow much does the owner want for it. If you’re interested, I can ask him for you or even get you in direct contact with them to have a chat. But for now, sit back and relax, imagine yourselves visiting this beautiful villa in the warmth of Koh Samui, Thailand.

In my real estate shootings client always picks the final shots. That’s a rule.

Of course, sometimes I may disagree, but after all it’s their idea, their “child”. So it’s only fair for me to let them choose what they like. I respect the choice and gladly edit the shots that clients choose.


They’d seen the villa since the blueprint stage, they know it like no one other. That’s why they can choose shots that depict it the best way possible, the way they’d envisioned it and the way they want potential buyers to see it.


I used Canon 1DX for the shooting.

Here you can find a photoset of another beautiful villa on Koh Samui Vista del Mar.

That’s all for now.


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Villa marketing photoshoot. Ko Samui, Thailand.

With kind regards, Eduard Stelmakh.