Wedding on the Beach of Koh Samui

Wedding on the Beach of Koh Samui

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Welcome to Koh Samui!
If you’re looking for a place to celebrate your wedding ceremony or spend a honeymoon, and you can’t stop picturing yourselves on a sunny beach among the tropics in your dreams – trip to Thailand could very well be a memory to treasure for many years. On Koh Samui you can turn all your wildest wedding fantasies into reality: themed ceremonies on the beach, private events just for the two of you by the sea, wedding on a stranded island, aboard the ancient yacht under the sails of scarlet or high-end modern “Infinity” boat, ceremony high up in the mountains with breathtakingly beautiful views overlooking the jungles and the sea, or simply at a luxurious villa with giant swimming pool and staff crew. You can even wed in a mysterious Buddhist ritual of joining souls in an authentic Buddhist temple.
This time I’m going to show you the wedding of Sergei and Yaroslava on one of the beautiful beaches of the island.

There are very few places more perfect for the wedding archway and a pair of souls happily in love with each other, walking through this archway. Prices for such ceremonies start from 1000$, you can book a photosession or plan a wedding on Koh Samui altogether here!
Here are a few pictures of merry newlyweds, enjoy!

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dinner at the beach

Wedding on the beach of Koh Samui.

That’ll be all!
As always, I’d be delighted to read your commentaries and answer your questions.
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With kind regards,
Eduard Stelmakh




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