Family photoset in Thailand.

To create this beautiful family photoset for these amazing people, I had to walk, then drive a motorcycle, then sail on a motorboat, then ride a bus, and then – finally – a taxi cab. Such wide array of vehicles required is explained by the fact, that these lovely people live in Hua Hin, and not on Samui. Hua Hin is a neat and enjoyable city on the mainland, notable for the Royal Holiday Residence that’s located on its outskirts.


And so it occured to me that Hua Hin might just be one of the best places to live while expecting a new family member, which is exactly the case with my clients here.


My son was born in Thailand as well, so I know for a fact how good of a decision this is – to go in labor here. I very much recommend it.


But let’s get back to this loveable Russian-American family. All the photos were done within one day. We started at home, had a little stroll around the hotel and took a rickshaw to the Royal residence.


As the rules of courtesy go, bare knees and elbows are prohibited on the premises. So I had to wear an ankle-long skirt on top of my shorts. I gotta say, it was extremely uncomfortable and at that moment I felt sorry for all you ladies out there :)

After a pleasant walk around the residence, we came back to cool down in a hotel and then ventured to the neighbouring hotel to take a few shots in the rays of the setting sun.


Then we went to the beach, had a little dip after a long day and took some seaside photographs. While we were at it, a wallet and an iPhone both decided to join us in the fresh waters, but – thanks to quick thinking and a bit of luck – the phone survived after we buried it in a bag of rice. Take note, as this is one of the best and easiest ways to absorb all the water from your devices.

In the end, after quite the adventure, the sun, the wind and the water we all had a great time and took these wonderful pictures for this family photoset, which I am happy to share with you.


Enjoy :)

And a phone photo to memorize the occasion.


You know, sometimes you’re browsing through photos and go: “Wow! What a picture, like a magazine front page!”. But wait, this picture looks familiar somehow… And then you remember that it’s your photo and you actually make magazine front pages.

That’s pretty cool feeling, but you know what’s even better? When you go to a casual family photo session and then realize that the family members look like top-class models for fashion magazines. No model agencies, no corporate production, no training and ruthless selection process. Just people. Just living their life happily in harmony. And it shows at the very first glance – happiness and pure love. I don’t even have to do anything, they already look beautiful :)


That’s the moment you go: “Wow!” Because that’s the moment you see the real, honest and true beauty of a human being, and it’s the most precious thing on the picture and it works wonders.


I don’t have do to anything. Just *click* on the button. That simple.


I thank you my friends for this amazing day! It was a lot of fun and we’ve made some marvelous pictures together :)


Family Photoset in Thailand.


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Sincerely, Eduard Stelmakh.