Underwater love (from a wedding photoshoot at Infiniti Hotel).

There is a backstage:

The wedding took place in a villa; there was a window in the villa’s pool. I feel thankful to the architect, and I used that for my shots. A skilful architect is a great catch for a skilful photographer.


I had to shoot through that quite small window. I decided to use my wide-angle zoom Canon 24 f/1.4 so I got the possibility to capture more space than we really had. Good sharpening is the result of using f/8 diaphragm. I used the Canon speedlite 600ex-rt with a big white umbrella as a main light source as usual.

I shot this at night. For good focusing in darkness I used 2700 lumens photoflood. The flash is much more powerful than the photoflood, that’s why you can’t notice the photoflood in my photo.


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