Well, I’m starting a new series of creative wedding photos.

The newlyweds hired a reportage photographer for their big day. But they were also looking for something special. So they came to me.

They wanted creative photos. Each shot should have been unusual and beautiful with a pre-story and a tint of humor.  


Okay, we offered them five different options. We drafted a list of necessary stuff and people. One of the options involved groomsmen and bridesmaids just as usual. Running ahead of the story, I will say that we boxed their friends up into cupboards. We also put one more charming girl between the headboard and the wall.


That girl’s position was unbelievably equilibristic. I’m still amazed that we made her do that :) In my opinion it’s better not to tell your guests what they are going to perform for your wedding pictures in such cases.


On the appointed day we came to the bride and groom’s house. Four of five creative photos were shot in the bedroom. The session took place the next day after the wedding. Therefore the idea of our first photo was matching perfectly. Memories are still so fresh. This morning …)))

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