One of a few portraits that I’ve made with Canon 5D Mark 3. Even less of them are made in the studio, like that one. There’s only a little chance that something like this will happen again. It took me about 6 hours to edit this photo.

I didn’t use any noises or other “dirty tricks” while editing this shot. It were only natural and ecologically pure products. Everything’s real and true. )))
A tiny, almost invisible shiny dust particles were used in the cosmetics brought by the make-up artist. This hardly visible element brings additional shine and glow to the skin.

A short slideshow displaying the steps of post-editing.

Photo and post-editing: Eduard Stelmakh

Model: Anna Getmanez

Make-up: Alena Netyaga

Hairstylist: Yulya Danshina

That’s all for now.


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With kind regards, Eduard Stelmakh.