Turkish tales. This is the second photo from my latest master class in Turkey.

This is the location where the shooting took place.


A beautiful historic area. Seems like I’m explaining how to place and how not to place the newlyweds in case they are not being active during the session.

This is the room where we held the third day of my master class. The day was dedicated to working with Photoshop. First I showed how to edit photos which we had made on the second day of the event.


Then people opened their laptops and started post processing together with me. One man came with a huge iMac. He took it out of the box and started working like everyone else did on their small laptops. It looked quite amusing.)

A short video slideshow of Photoshop editing. Don’t forget to set resolution to 1080p on the bottom right corner of the screen.

That’s all for now.


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